The Most Common Epson Print Heads: Choose the Right One


Are you considering purchasing a printer? Wondering which print head you should choose? Well, Epson is a common choice when it comes to print heads. Epson printheads are known for their printing quality, speed, and low cost per print.
There are several types of Epson print heads available on the market. These print heads feature different configurations to meet diverse requirements.
This post discusses a few popular Epson printheads. It helps you learn the differences between them. Also, pick the one that meets your requirements.



EPSON DX5 is one of the most common print heads from EPSON. Mostly, it is used in eco-solvent printers. This 5th-generation micro-piezo printhead supports high nozzle accuracy and precision.
The print head can print maximum image resolution up to 1440 dpi. It can be used with both 4-color and 8-color printers. The droplet size of the printhead remains between 1.5 picoliters and 20 pico picoliter.
The print head’s inks are arranged in 8 lines of 180 nozzles (total: 1440 nozzles).



EPSON DX7 is another popular print head on the list that is ideal for solvent-based printers. Like the above printhead, the model, EPSON DX7, also has 180 nozzles in 8 rows.

The print head adopts micro-piezo technology. And it offers a maximum print resolution of up to 1440 dpi.

Its maximum droplet size is 21 picoliters. However, the diameter of its nozzle is 4 PL, which is 0.5 mm larger than that of the DX-5.

In addition, the DX-7 printer is slightly faster than the DX-5. In fact, in terms of color saturation, it has the upper hand.
Both DX-5 and DX-7 are short on supply and demand. Therefore, only a few printers are using these printheads now.

Epson XP600


The Epson XP600 is a well-known Epson print head, released in 2018. This low-priced print head features six nozzle rows with a pitch of 1/180 inch.

The total number of nozzles the print head has is 1080. It uses six colors and offers a maximum printing resolution of 1440 dpi.

The print head is compatible with eco-solvent printers, UV printers, sublimation printers, and more.

Although the print head has decent stability, its color saturation and speed are lower than those of DX5. It is, however, less expensive than the DX5.

So if you are on a tight budget, you may consider this print head model.

Epson 5113

epson 5113

Epson 5113 is an ideal print head for water-based inks. It is an alternative to the DX5 print head.

The print head has 4 lines, and each line features 800 nozzles.

Epson 5113 has 3200 nozzles in total. Its firing frequency is 17.8 kHz making it about 40% faster than the DX5 print head.

Epson 5113 heads are no longer produced by the company. It has been replaced with a 4720 model.

Epson EPS3200 (WF 4720)

The Epson 4720 printhead looks similar to the Epson 5113. Its performance and specifications are somewhat similar to those of the Epson 5113. Nevertheless, it is an easily available and more affordable option.
Due to their easy availability, people prefer Epson 4720 over Epson 5113. The print head is compatible with eco-solvent printers and UV printers. It can print images up to 1400 dpi.
In January 2020, Epson launched I3200-A1 printhead, which is the authorized 3200 printhead.

Epson I3200-A1


In January 2020, Epson launched I3200-A1 printhead, which is the authorized 3200 printhead. This printhead does not use a decryption card as a 4720 head. It has better accuracy and lifespan than the previous 4720 print head model.
The print head has 3200 active nozzles that give you a maximum resolution of 300 NPI or 600 NPI. The drop volume of the Epson 13200 is 6-12. 3PL, while the firing frequency is 43.2–21.6 kHz.


So these are some of the popular Epson print heads available in the market. They have different printing resolutions, speeds, nozzles, color saturations, and prices.

We hope the article gives you adequate knowledge of common Epson printheads. So next time you buy a print head, you’ll know which option is best for you.


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